Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 1- Emily

Sorry I never posted about what I read- but I did read. The week just then got away from me and now I don't remember what about them I wanted to say.

But I will say this. Our primary presidency gave everyone in primary a cd of the primary songs we will be learning this year. This week I put it on in our car and for some reason it has my outings with Sophie go smoother. I have enjoyed listening every day.

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  1. Music has amazing power!

    I read too, our house has been in upheaval with the packing though. I have really been enjoying reading the talks in order. It shouldn't be so surprising every time I notice how well the gospel flows and how each message builds on the next, but I always am. Just the names of the talks are like an outline of what we should be doing: Step 1 Meet Together (go to Church)
    Step 2 Faith Step 3 Stay on the Path (keep doing steps 1 and 2) Step 4 Obey the Prophets

    I'm sure there were other things that I wanted to say. I should have a notebook with me while I read next time.