Thursday, February 17, 2011

Week 2- Emily

Sorry I'm late!

Gospel Learning and Teaching:
I really loved what he said about making sure we were studying the scriptures and sincerely praying for each member of our class- I felt like this was important to more than just teachers but also in our visiting teaching and other callings along with in our families.

Reflections on a Consecrated Life:
The part that stood out the most to me was where he said that a consecrated life was a life of work. I have been really setting some goals lately and trying to improve myself, and everything on the list of goals includes work which I think is what stops a lot of people from trying to do better and from trying to become better. I loved having the reassurance that working for certain things is part of the Saviors plan.

Of Things That Matter Most:
Oh, I needed this. I have been thinking this week about really deciding what I want to work on in my life and what I need to improve. I guess this talk just gave me my goals. 1- my relationship with God, 2- my relationship with my family, 3- my relationships with my fellowmen, and 4- my relationship with myself. I still need to figure out how to implement these but I definitely will find ways to work on all of these.

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